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If you’re considering buying a

If you’re considering buying a digital camera, let me warn you of two places NOT to buy it from.

  • Universal Camera and Video. I ordered from this store back on January 12th. Two weeks later, my card still hadn’t been charged. I called them and they informed me that they hadn’t gotten any of the orders made in the last two weeks. Oh. Nice. And thanks for putting it up on your site. By the point they were out of stock of the camera I wanted even though their site said otherwise.
  • The Camera Zone. I called this place after my previous experience. I was just calling to make sure they had the camera in stock, which they did, but I was told if I ordered over the phone, then I’d be sure to actually get one of the last few cameras of this shipment. “It’ll go out today and be to you by early next week” said an usually rude salesman. By Tuesday of the next week, it hadn’t been shipped, so I called. The first time I called, I was disconnected. The second time I got one of the most incompetant customer service reps of all time. She told me my order was “on backorder” (despite the fact I was told it would ship the previous week). I then asked her if they could indicate on the receipt, when the item did ship, that I had ordered it before January 31st (because of a rebate offer I planned to take advantage of through Olympus). “No, we don’t know when we’ll send it,” she replied. She didn’t understand my relatively easy question. After I posed the question to her two more times, more slowly, she “checked my account” and said, “It’s on backorder, we don’t know when it’ll be shipped.” I told her to cancel my order.

I placed the third order for this damn camera the other day, so we’ll see if it comes through. Third time’s a charm?

BlogVoices should be working once

BlogVoices should be working once again. Speak up and speak loudly.

News I’m happy to read:

News I’m happy to read: MWC is going to build a sculpture of James Farmer. Dr. Farmer was such an influential player in the Civil Rights movement and a great overall person. His class really was one of the best I took in my four years of college. If you’ve never read his book, I strongly suggest you check it out — it’s phenomenal.

There’s some good streaming music

There’s some good streaming music over at

Ouch. Some poor guy paid

Ouch. Some poor guy paid $425 for an empty Playstation 2 box, thinking it was real. Quite honestly, looking at the original auction, I can see where he made the mistake. I will go on record and say this: don’t trust ebay sellers with names like “tru2dis2k.”

Ever have one of those

Ever have one of those days?

As much as I want

As much as I want to make fun of last night’s Super Bowl halftime show, I do have to give it up for the fact that they were actually singing and not lip synching. I think even Britney Spears was singing! Amazing.

Looks like BlogVoices is back,

Looks like BlogVoices is back, thanks to the Blogger folks (the Pyra Labs crew)… I’ll be working it back into this and the Veg Blog shortly. It’ll be like taking the tape off your mouths in one quick motion.

Paul’s released phonezilla 8 —

Paul‘s released phonezilla 8 — I think it might be the fourth or fifth redesign he’s done this month. :)

Seriously, though, it’s pretty cool looking… and his new phlog on the front page is a nice concept. Check it out and feel his funky vibes.

So, I have a new

So, I have a new design. You like?