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Oh man — if they

Oh man — if they had seen some of the lyrics I wrote in high school, I wouldn’t just be expelled, I’d be arrested!

Here’s a great piece on

Here’s a great piece on the making of The Beyond DVD (also, a review). It comes out October 10th (I have it pre-ordered, of course!) and I’ll be seeing it on the big screen on October 20th, thanks to Exhumed Films.

Ignore my previous note. The

Ignore my previous note. The debate will no longer be aired live — rather, it should appear “sometime” this weekend. Just means I can watch Smackdown and not feel guilty, I guess. :)

Tonight from 8-10pm eastern time,

Tonight from 8-10pm eastern time, the first major third party debate of the election season will be televised live on C-SPAN. Participants will be John Hagelin of the Natural Law/Independence Party, Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party (formerly the US Taxpayer’s Party), and Harry Browne of the Libertarian Party. Jesse Ventura will be moderating the debate.

I’m very pleased to see this finally happening, but I would have loved to also see at least two other people involved: Ralph Nader of the Green Party and David McReynolds of the Socialist Party. I wouldn’t have even minded seeing some of the other candidates on to hear their messages, but I realize that any more than five people could get to be messy.

In any event, it would be nice if these debates were as high profile as the irrelvant two-party debates… until then, though, we at least have this (from the Washington Post):

It is apparent that Green Party nominee Ralph Nader and Reform Party nominee Patrick J. Buchanan are not going to be allowed to appear in the three nationally televised presidential debates, but that doesn’t mean their views will be shut out completely. Voters can check them out on the Web.

The video-on-demand Internet site has invited Nader and Buchanan, as well as Natural Law Party nominee John Hagelin, Libertarian nominee Harry Browne and Constitution Party nominee Howard Phillips, to submit videotaped answers to all the questions posed to the major party nominees. The answers will be posted within 24 to 48 hours of the live debates and will appear directly alongside Republican George W. Bush’s and Democrat Al Gore’s answers on as well as on several popular news Web sites that syndicate FreedomChannel’s content.

A good article about Robert

A good article about Robert Johnson (following my entry from the other day) written by Steve Knopper.

Threads like this prove how

Threads like this prove how obsessive DVD bargain hunters can me. I’m glad I’m one of them. ;)

Someone just forwarded me (ugh)

Someone just forwarded me (ugh) the “Hood IQ Test.” It’s certainly one of the more ridiculous dopey e-mail forwards I’ve received… half these things have nothing to do living in the so-called “hood” (ie. #9, 13, 24). I lived in Medford, NJ and I could have scored high on this test.

As I read through some

As I read through some old journal entries that I wrote during my Junior and Senior years of high school (1993 and 1994), I realized something: I was a bitter, depressed kid.

I guess a lot of kids get depressed during high school — there’s a lot to worry about — but I was frequently using phrases like “fuck everybody” and “I don’t give a fuck.” Then I tried to think about what would have helped me out during those times…

Turns out that it’s the small things… not a school guidence counselor or a “special teacher” like you always see on TV, but just little things done by people you wouldn’t expect to do them. Like when a friend gave me a box with cupcakes and stuff inside for my 18th birthday; I didn’t expect anything from her, as she was just someone in my class — not someone I spent any inordinate amount of time with. But she thought enough of me to make me cupcakes and put together a nice little birthday package. It was a small thing, but it meant a lot. I think a lot of people would be a lot less pissed off about life if someone took the time to do something nice for them, unexpectedly.

And, yes, I realize this sounds like one of (d)Op(e)rah’s random acts of kindness, but those focus more on people you don’t know. Look to someone you do know and think what you could do for them that might surprise them…

Something that no person should

Something that no person should be forced to decide… what a shame.

Today’s Zippy the Pinhead is

Today’s Zippy the Pinhead is even funnier than usual…