It makes me absolutely thrilled that I’ve figured out how to transfer files from my Laser 128EX (Apple II compatible) to my PC. I have tons of text files on my old computer from high school that I’ve been dying to bring over to my PC, and now I can do it at blazing 2400 baud speed! :)
Amongst a bunch of posts about how to do what I wanted to do by building a null modem, etc., there was one simple post describing how to transfer files from one to another. Here is how I did it, in case anyone else out there is in the least bit curious:

  1. Connect the LINE IN jack on my Apple modem to the LINE IN jack on my PC modem
  2. Load up ProTERM on my Apple and Hyperterminal on my PC; go into terminal mode on both
  3. Type ATA on my PC and ATD on my Apple
  4. Use Zmodem Batch to transfer my files

I had to give myself a quick refresher on AT commands (note to self: ATV1 gives verbose modem response codes) and such, but all-in-all, it’s a very easy process! I’m quite pleased.