My impression of San Francisco after a day and a half: I don’t like it.

I checked out the Gay Pride Parade this afternoon… it was an awesome thing to see the gay and lesbian community able to congregate and enjoy themselves as they are, not having to put on a front for anybody. I think if people realized how many folks they deal with on a daily basis are gay, they might not have such predjudice towards them. In any event, I don’t think any guys were checking me out (oh well). :) I have some good pictures of the event that I’ll post to the web site when I get them developed.

Unfortunately, while I did enjoy the parade, I ended up going a couple miles out of my way just to cross the street by my hotel. If I had realized I could use BART underground to cross the street, I could have cut that way short, but I didn’t until the parade was just about over anyway. Such is life, I guess. Another day of good exercise, but my feet are blistered, especially after yesterday and last night.

I’m also a tad frustrated with some of the conference registration stuff… I don’t think I’m all that stupid, but I’m confused by a lot of the registration options and events between now and Tuesday. I’m trying to get all that crap straightened out.

And one thing that really disheartens me about the city is the large amount of homeless on the streets. It’s by far the worst I’ve ever seen, even more than Philadelphia, New York, and DC. It’s not unusual to run into two or three on a single block. The thing is, the standard “get a job” response from people doesn’t come close to applying here — these are some sick, sick people: serious mental and physical problems that really keep them from ever “fitting in” with society. It’s sad… but there’s also a lot of very belligerant folks on the street that are a bit agressive. One guy today ran out into the street, yelled at a car, “Damn it, I told you to go around the corner! I’m not ready to leave yet!” and then walked away. It clearly wasn’t anyone he knew… who knew what was going on in his head.

I was going to go back to the Elbo Room tonight to check out Dub Mission, but after last night’s experience, I think I’ll stick with listening to the mix tape I bought. That and maybe watching a little TV.

Tomorrow I will have to finally venture out on the MUNI as I go to the Asian Art Museum to meet up with a fellow I worked with at MWC. I figure I’ll combine that with a trip to Haight Street so I can buy way too much music (I can’t wait to see Amoeba Records, which boasts an astounding half-a-million new and used CDs. Also planning on visiting Open Mind Music, Streetlight Records, and Street Beat, among others.