This jet lag thing is working pretty well for me — waking up at 7am and being ready to go is a strange feeling. Of course, the overly sleepy feeling that hits at 4pm slows me down. :)

Good lunch today — an Afghani restaurant (whose name I don’t remember). Insanely good chicken kebob.

Tonight I walked downtown to check out “Citizen Kane” at the Stanford Theatre. Quite an experience — I don’t know if this is an original theatre from the 40’s or not, but it’s gorgeous inside… a classic movie house, complete with organist. I had never seen this classic movie before, so I was happy my first time could be on the big screen. Great flick… after watching Orson Welles here, it’s easy to see where Kelsey Grammer got his whole acting style from.

For dinner I broke my rule of “no chain restaurants while on vacation.” I wanted something quick that I could take back to my room, so I got a sandwich from Subway. I regretted it when I saw that a Thai restaurant was still open and mostly empty. Oh well…

I have dinner plans for the next couple of nights that will take up my evenings, but on Friday night I hope to check out “Three Seasons,” a movie by a Vietnamese director. Quite frankly, there’s just not many Vietnamese movies coming out… last contemporary one I saw was “Scent of a Green Papaya.”