It’s a pretty neat thing to say I worked in the same office that Adobe started in and to be right down the road from where the semiconductor was invented. Can’t say I’d be comfortable living in Silicon Valley, but it’s a good place to visit, especially working in a hi-tech field.

I decided to take a walk into downtown Palo Alto tonight to see what was happening and to scout out the town. I wasn’t expecting much, but as I walked down University Avenue towards Stanford University, I became more and more impressed with this cross between Philadelphia and Fredericksburg. There are countless restaurants, and very few of them chains. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to eat, so I stopped in at Pizza-A-Go-Go… decent pizza, good surf-oriented decorations.

I also stopped into Megabooks, a relatively small used/new bookstore. I really liked the note on their sign: “David sells for less than Goliath” (this store is directly next door to Border’s). I bought a couple of really nice books there (can’t mention them because they’re gifts for people who may read this)… the owner seemed nice, too.

Then I stopped by Compact Disc Land. Despite their pretty bland name, they had a decent selection of used jazz LPs. I picked up two Archie Shepp LPs (one looked to be in Mint condition) for $7/each… can’t beat that.

And check out what I have planned for tomorrow evening after work: Citizen Kane on the big screen. Yeah, man…