The holidays were great, as was New Year. On my trip back to Jersey I had the opportunity to see old family friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in over ten years!

I’m pretty psyched about the next month or two — going to see Del and Black Star in Richmond in a couple of weeks, a couple of weeks after that I’m going home to see ZOMBIE on the big screen and pick up a new CD-R (the Philips double-deck one) I just bought, an a few weeks after THAT I’m going home to celebrate my mom’s birthday, my neice’s birthday, and Huyen’s birthday, all in a span of three days (add in Valentine’s Day and February is more expensive for me than December!). And in early March I will probably be taking a few of my PTO days and heading to New York for a four-day weekend. Buy some music, visit some friends… should be excellent.

Work is going well and everything else seems to be falling into place… this year’s starting off well, and hopefully it’ll bring a lot of kick ass surprises with it. :)