It’s been really hard trying to keep up with the site. After four months at my job, it still takes a lot of effort to sit down at home and work on my web site after I’ve stared at the screen at work for 9 hours. I have been making some significant progress, though, and I hope to have some new stuff ready by the new year.

I’ve managed to hunt down a bunch of long-lost friends in the past few months… big ups this time around go to Paul McAleer, Rebecca Lavigne, Terry Murphy, Elly Millican, Amanda Millican, and Jason Strangfeld.

Last month I finally got to see Half Pint perform live. Huyen and I made a trip to Maryland to check him and Anthony B. Both put on a great show, and it was cool to hang out with Pint again — it had been almost a year since I had dinner with him in New York. The day before I also got to chill with Lem from Easy Star, which was cool since he’s living in VA now and I hadn’t seen him since last December either.

I’ve fortunately had a little bit more time to devote to my music recently. I’m hoping to have a new album out in the next couple of months. I have a ton of older material that will come out on an “unreleased/B-sides” album and also some experimental instrumental stuff. The next one out, though, titled Our Town will be all new material based around the theme of hip-hop as a self-sufficient community in its own right.

This update has gotten a little long, so I’m going to drop off here and try to get more frequent, shorter updates in the future.