Saturday marked the official end of my college career. It was an exciting day — and DAMN hot. About a dozen relatives and family friends came out to celebrate the day. While it was certainly exciting to graduate, there was definitely a feeling of sadness as well (especially since we didn’t really get to say our goodbyes — graduation ended at 1pm — school policy: “get your ass out by 5”). A final big ups to all my peoples at MWC — it may be a while before I see y’all again, but you’re all on my mind, for sure.

Tonight I get my immunization shots before my trip overseas. It’s hard to believe that in about two weeks I’ll be on the plane headed to Southeast Asia. I’ll get a chance to meet up with Mike from MWC in Can Tho — ironic that two people from a small college will be in the same town on the other side of the world. Mike has been there for almost a pregnancy period setting up Internet access. He’ll be leaving in mid-June, but our paths will cross for a few days.