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Last updated: Feb 16, 2018 @ 5:48 pm

My running goal in 2018 is 1102 miles (I hit 1101 in 2017). No major races planned, just mile after mile after mile.

We took the kids to Disney and Universal last month. Disney was fun and exhausting, but planning was a full-time job (H made great work of it, though). I’m not quite sure how people become Disney regulars without having nightmares about FastPass allocation. Universal’s Harry Potter stuff was fine, but waaaay overpriced. We also visited my father-in-law in Cedar Key, which was nice and relaxing. I kayaked out to an old cemetery, so that was dope. We took the auto train back home, extra comfortable because they gave us each two seats (it reminded me how much I dislike flying).

Family’s good (including the dogs).

Current Focuses

In the fall, I launched my latest digital preservation-focused project, the Hip-Hop Radio Archive. It’s been very well received by fans, DJs, and archivists so far and I’ve teamed up with some great collectors and DJs to expand the collection. The depth of the collection and the historical context will continue to improve this year.

I may or may not be prepping a new podcast or fourteen.

What I’m Digging

In terms of movies, I finally subscribed to FilmStruck (basically a well-curated TCM+Criterion for old movie nerds). I’m enjoying stuff like the Czech new wave film Daisies.

Books. I’m still working on a book of Basho’s poetry and a Seneca classic. I also started Harvest in Poland, a 1925 book that I purchased because I found an old photo of my great-aunt as a teenager holding it and I got curious. It’s pretty odd and a surprisingly engaging read. I’m also re-reading an old favorite, Robert McCammon’s Boy’s Life. I started it on our trip to Disney because back in 1992 on my first trip to Disney with my parents and sister, I bought the book on a whim. McCammon ended up becoming one of my favorite living fiction authors.

Music… I’m pretty obsessed with Natalia Lafourcade’s music. Her performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts is something that will just make you feel good and happy. And that’s something we all need.

What I’m Available For

Over the past few years, I’ve been pulling way back on freelance work or outside web work. I’m definitely suffering from burnout and a need to focus on some of my own projects. I’ve still got a few pieces of freelance work I’m trying to transition to others.

So, really, I’m not available for much. But I’m always willing to talk or answer questions, particularly about my areas of focus. Like, if you want to get started doing genealogy or preserving things, talk to me. If you need advice on how to get started with podcasting or a website, give a shout. Or if you want to go vegan and don’t know how to do it, I’m your man.