I’ve got a lot of side projects going on at any given time. Here’s a list of the active projects, some sites I maintain for others, and some inactive projects that may or may not still be viewable.

Current Projects

  • Asacha – My tea shop.
  • Asacha Nomu – Taking a moment to focus on the tea in front of me.
  • Feightful Fridays – I let shuffle serve me eight random tracks from a group of favorite tracks and then reorder them into a set that flows for your enjoyment.
  • Impulse!, One at a Time – Working my way through the Impulse! Records discography an album at a time.
  • Laze Makes Things – Music made sporadically.
  • Normal Bias – Archiving tapes in my basement before they break. I also host a podcast.
  • Political Bumpers – Stick it on your bumper.
  • Raw Deal Radio – Archive of the Club Krush and Raw Deal Radio shows that aired on WPRB in Princeton in the late-80s and early-90s.
  • ryanmacmichael.com – Ego-domain.
  • @ tilde.club – Back to the old school.
  • Veg Blog – Covering all things veg since 2000.
  • wmwc.org – Alumni site for my college radio station. But it’s super ugly right now, so don’t look. Really, don’t.
  • The Yearly Ping – The obvious successor to the retired Daily Ping.

Past Projects

Sites I Maintain (or help maintain)