I hope you all enjoyed the 31 Days, 31 Horror Movies series for October. I had a good time doing it, and it was surprisingly difficult at times deciding which movie to feature. Looking back, I probably had a few too many Bava films (but, really, is there really a such thing as “too many Bava films”?) and not enough classics (I don’t think I had a single Hammer flick in there), but all-in-all, I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Here’s a rundown of all the movies I covered, complete with links. Thanks for reading (and to those that did: linking) and I’d love to hear what you thought of it. I know Robert watched Phantasm after I mentioned it… did anyone else have special October horror movie viewing in their household?

  1. The Fog
  2. Baron Blood
  3. Last House on the Left
  4. Black Sunday
  5. The Vij
  6. Phantasm
  7. Mystics in Bali
  8. Dawn of the Dead
  9. The Convent
  10. Anguish
  11. Kwaidan
  12. City of the Dead
  13. Hell of the Living Dead
  14. Zombie Holocaust
  15. Pieces
  16. Opera
  17. The Hills Have Eyes
  18. Ginger Snaps
  19. The Beyond
  20. Wendigo
  21. Vampyr
  22. Friday the 13th, The Final Chapter
  23. The Saragossa Manuscript
  24. Uzumaki
  25. Dagon
  26. Kill, Baby… Kill!
  27. Black Sabbath
  28. Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn
  29. Gates of Hell
  30. The Frighteners
  31. Halloween / Suspiria